Throw Your Pride Away And

This 20-Year-Old Boy Will Show You How... To Get As Much Money As You Desire In 2021... Even If You Have “Never Made A Kobo Online”

Have You Ever Asked Yourself... What’s Really Stopping You From Making Money Online?

You must have heard people saying… 

I made X amount of money online.. 

Out of curiousity, you decide to go try your luck and then you go on google and you type


Sorry to burst your bubble…

You will only end up getting more and more confused…

Everything on Google is put up by some random guy who wants traffic so he too makes some money. 


Now, what if..

You discover a system that shows you the exact blueprint you need to follow to make your first #100,000 - #500,000 online..

Working from home?

Or wherever you desire... (Even by lagos Island's beach)

Does that sound like something you will be interested in?

Or maybe it even sounds like something you must have heard before..

But hang in there with me for a while…

In the next few minutes, What I’m going to reveal to you, is going to change your way of life.. (you might even relocate to Dubai… who knows) 

In fact, there’s a high chance that you can make well over a million naira all from home..

Yes, you heard that right.

But before that.. Who the hell am I to make such claim? 

African Bros

Well, My name Is Augustine Akemegoh, the founder of African Bros..

And I make money from home… (playing with my computer) 

Truth be told, there are a select group of people who have been printing money from home on demand, using this system I am about to not only reveal to you but also show you.

Some People May Think What I’m Going To Show You Is Unreal, Or Just Doesn’t Work...

But who cares..

I make money with this.. Why can’t you..

So If you are ready to discover this change, I’ll spill it in a bit.. 

But I have to tell you what happened on February 10th 2020..

Prior to February, I used to work as a roadside business center attendant..

I worked in a business center where I helped people do online registrations and register school courses..

I would leave the house as early as 7 am sometimes 6 am just so I can be there in time..

I would work for the whole day and go home with #500, sometimes #1,000 (which rarely happens)

I was “Dead Broke”

Like every human being, I knew there was more to me than working in a roadside cafe.

So I saved up my little stipends and got myself a Mobile phone.. at #27, 000

I began searching for ways to make money online..

After all, I had heard people talk about that countless times..

So I picked interest and began my quest for redemption.

And that was when I stumbled upon “Website design”

It piqued my interest and so I decided to find out more..

The more I dug, the more confused I got..

So I decided I was going to go learn it either ways..

I borrowed money from a friend and enrolled for the class..

February 10, 2020, my journey began..

I learned all I needed to and it was time for me to start making money..


I did not have a Laptop..

I never allowed that to stop me, I began to borrow a laptop to improve my skill and prospect for client.

It was a hell period for me, took me a great deal of enduring the No’s and Do not disturb me again replies I would always get…

Me Trying to find my way...

but I eventually cracked the code and made my first #50,000 online from website design..

I didn’t even stop there, I got myself a new laptop, made my first #100, #200 thousand and even more…

Ever since I have not looked back (Honestly who would want to?)

Went out with a few friends.. eiissshhh I hardly take photos...

You may be wondering..

So why should I care?

Well, because at that point in my life, I was 19 years old, and all odds were against me, but I never let any of those hinder me..

If I could do it, you too can!

That is why I decided I was not going to let anyone go through the pain process I went through learning and making money with this skill..

And so I created the first-ever

 LIVE! website design training..

This is not some regular shits!!..where you get a bunch of youtube videos or pre-recorded videos..

Hell No!! Everything is going to be live!

I know what it feels like learning from different sources and how brain tasking it can be..

So I have decided to make it as easy as Abc..

For a period of 6 long weeks..

I am going to hold you by the hand and take you from zero to hero designing websites and making cool money off it!

Why should you even trust me or listen to me?

Well you see I really do not like to toot my own horn, so I’ll just allow others do the tooting for me

I have visited other websites before, and I can say that there is a remarkable difference in the way Augustine designs his websites.

Quality and ease of site navigation is at the core of their services. I was mostly amazed at the dedication they showed while handling my website development. I have tested and I have trusted!

Chinelo Jane-Frances Ofomata 

Founder Stand4Aids

Augustine Akemegoh is a prolific and highly skilled web designer, he is well grounded in web design, @pharmahubNG is a testament to that. here we go:

Augustine Odibo

Pharmahub NG

Austin is dedicated and committed in offering quality service, I highly recommend his services for your businesses...

Sunny Ekhalume
Chief Operating Officer, Sloosch Ltd.

Now, Here’s what it entails...

  • Week 1 - Introduction to web design

    -Domain and Hosting

    -Cpanel Navigation

    -Wordpress Installation

  • Week 2 - Wordpress Themes

    -WordPress Vitals

    -Website customization


  • Week 3 - Adding Site Content

    -Contact Form Creation

    -Landing page creation

    -Making your site SEO friendly

  • Week 4 - Ecommerce websites

    -LMS sites

    -Website Backup and maintenance

    -Adobe XD 

  • Week 5 - High Fidelity testing

    -Prospecting and Closing clients (you have to make money.. durrrhhh that's why you are learning isn't it)

  • Week 6 - Project Work and Supervision

Interesting right?

The sweet thing about this is, you don’t need to leave your home, you can get to work for clients local and international and charge up to

$500 - $10,000


It doesn’t just stop there..

You also get to learn

1. The A-Z of Web Designing

2. User Interface and User experience designs

3. How to prospect and win high ticket projects (Charging $1000 and above)

4. How to design 6 - 7 figure value websites (That will send you more gigs till you get tired)

5. How to design eCommerce websites and Learning Management Systems...

6. You also get a free domain of your choice for your first project

7. Mentorship till you become a mentor..


I would not want to bore you with too much too info..

Here’s how you can take part in this training..(But you must act fast before this page disappears entirely from the internet… no kidding)

Initially, I wanted to do this training for free, but then I remembered that people never appreciate anything that is free… 

So I decided to put a cap at it.. 

After much struggle with myself, I decided to put this training at

#30,000 instead of #67,500


Simply because asides from the fact that this skill can make you a millionaire..

I am also providing a 1-year direct mentorship to the first 10 Students to pay and enroll for this training.

Saving you months and months of frustration and pains..

Saving you the stress of begging for jobs

Showing you the ropes on how to attract high paying clients.

My time means a lot to me.. 

What that means is.. No more clients job for the whole of this year!! 


Ok Augustine, how do I pay for the training, I am interested.

All you gotta do is click on the link below and you will be redirected to a payment page, there you can make payment and I will add you to my private group.

Disclaimer: Do not enroll for this training, if you are lazy and not ready to put in the work.

This training is not a magic pill you will swallow to lose weight..

It is for only goal-getters and action takers..

So if that sounds like you, click on the link below to get started Now!


Akemegoh A

P.S.: There are only two pains in life.. The pain of regret and the pain of discipline…

Choose your pain carefully… remember, every pain has its consequence..

P.S.: Lest I forget, You also get clients from me directly.. So Hit the button and let's get started.

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