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My website packages usually range from $300 – $5000. However it really depends on what kind of website you need. You can visit my pricing plan page to get an idea of the different options available.

The process I use to build your website takes a lot of planning, research and time to  execute. Unlike other agencies, I ensure that my clients gets a unique design tailored around their business. So if you are getting a website from me, it shouldn’t just simply be seen as a business expense, rather it should be seen as an investment.
Yeah. I’ve also been asked that question too. well I don’t see myself as been cheap rather I feel I’m affordable… You see, I spend a lot of time researching and planning your user’s journey through your site and then finally get through with the design and building of the site. Even with all this, I’m typically cheaper than larger agencies because… I work remotely which means you don’t pay for the water cooler or beanbag chairs… Even though I might implore my team of experts, it’s just a small team who take on a limited amount of clients each year. You won’t be talking to account managers, you’ll talk directly to me. This saves on staff costs.
It takes me approximately 1-12 weeks to build a website from start to finish, provided I have all the information needed from you… My full web design process is just so simple and swift. Generally speaking, the website will only take a long time if I am still waiting for contents from you.
Before I begin work with your brand, I usually have an initial chat on the phone, Skype or Zoom to discuss the project. Once we get started, most of the communication will take place over email or WhatsApp. This makes the process a lot easier as I’ll have all of the information saved and can come back to it later. Once I’ve finished the project, I will then book in a 1hr Training session with you.

It really depends on what type of website you want. We’ll be able to discuss this on our discovery call before we start working together. Depending on which package we agree on we could need…

  • Images of you and your team
  • Images of your workplace
  • Content for the website e.g. text, PDFs etc
  • Staff Profiles
  • Any Videos you would like adding to the website
  • Login details to your existing website (if any)

Some of this might already be on the existing website, in which case it can be transferred over to the new site.

I highly doubt that you wouldn’t like the website I will design for your brand… but if there’s any chance that you will not like a design I offer a risk-free guarantee for my premium and deluxe web design packages… This guarantee is that before I build your new website, I’ll design a mockup of your website. This design of the website prototype would be on Adobe XD, that way you’ll get to see my initial designs plan for your website within approximately 7 days. This is your opportunity to give me feedback and if you really don’t like it which I doubt would happen, then you’ll make another choice of design before I can then proceed. 
Yes, I split the payment into two. The first 50% is usually taken once you have decided to get your digital space. The remaining 50% is taken when the job is satisfactorily completed.
Once you go through the pricing plan page and you’re sure that a particular plan suits you, then you should click on the GET THIS PLAN button to be redirected to the payment page where you’ll be required to make a payment of 50% of the total amount of your choice… Once the payment is successful then you wait for a mail from me… Simple
Yes, although there’s a clause attached. In the past I have found that projects can take a lot longer than expected to complete. I might be waiting for information from you and this can delay the process. Sometimes these delays can take months. This is why once I notice a delay on your part I will send an invoice 30 days after the Initial payment. At this point I’ll be well on my way with your new website and you’ll be able to see the progress.
If I build your website, I will generally manage the hosting for you so you don’t need to do anything. I use the same hosting company for my own website and for ALL my clients. Each website is managed individually to avoid any security issues. Every website I build has unlimited bandwidth, 20GB of disk space, 2GB Ram and 99.9% uptime. I’ve used the same company for 5 years and I don’t plan on changing this anytime soon. If you’re interested, the company I use is Namecheap.
Yes, we can arrange a maintenance package to suit your needs. This can range from 1hr per month to 10 hours per month and we can discuss a package that’s right for you.
Yes. I like to offer my clients the ability to update the website themselves. I will give you all the training and tools to be able to make website amendments. I in most cases use a easy to use platform called WordPress so you can add edit and delete content without paying me to do it for you.
When I design your website, I’ll build in all the features you want, including an email sign-up form. I’ll make sure it fits in with your website style and branding. What you will need is an email marketing platform such as Aweber, Mailchimp or Convert Kit. As you’re collecting customer’s private data it’s best to invest in a secure and reliable third party service, such as these. We can set this up for you, however, these services do charge as well. For example, Aweber charges approximately $20.00 per month.
Yes you can, I majorly use WordPress to build websites which means you can make changes yourself without knowing how to code. I will also teach you how to use it with a series of helpful videos.
It depends on the package you opt for, You can have an unlimited amount of pages on your website if you want. I am more than excited to build a 100 paged website (LOL)…
It depends on the package you choose. I would be happy to write the text for your website if you would like. I partner with a copywriter who is able to create the content for your website so you don’t have to.
We will ask you a series of questions before we begin, then we will research your market and suggest a series of pages for your website. We’ll learn as much as we need to know to create compelling words that inspire people to get in touch.
Yes, although I majorly use WordPress to build websites. I have used other platforms in the past and if you don’t want me to use WordPress don’t worry I’ve got you. Note that WordPress is a platform that’s easily accessible for my clients to update themselves, it’s search engine friendly and it’s easy to integrate with third party companies. So if you’re opting for something else you should be ready for what comes with it… either way I’m limitless once it comes to web design
Yes. Your website will be fully responsive and will look great on all devices. I don’t charge extra for this. It comes as standard. {winks}
It depends. There’s no clear answer to this question as search engines change their requirements all the time. However, I have had clients get to the first page for their main keywords within 2 days of launching and I’ve seen websites take 2–3 months or even more for Google to show them on the first page.
Well No. If you have more customers than you can handle and don’t want anymore then you might not need a website. However if you want to expand the business, get more enquiries or become the go to person in your space then you should have a website.
No. Websites like Facebook, Amazon and Twitter are not like standard websites. They require hundreds or thousands of hours of work just to get the website launched. Not to mention that you’ll need a team of developers on hand 24 hours a day to keep the website running smoothly. You should consider employing the service of Baysuit a digital marketing with enough team of developers at their fingertips…
Yes. I will purchase the images for your website. I use stock image websites such as Adobestock, Depositphotos, Shutterstock and 123rf to buy professional images so that you don’t have to pay a photographer.
Yes. Hosting is like renting space on the internet. You’ll need to buy hosting otherwise people won’t be able to access your website.
Hosting usually costs less than $100 per year. It can cost a lot more depending on your requirements. Hosting prices usually increase the more website visitors you have.
If I build your website, I will usually host it for you and you don’t need to do anything. I pay the hosting fee for the first year and I’ll send you an invoice once a year thereafter. Alternatively, you can host the website elsewhere and manage it yourself. It’s completely up to you.
Of course. It’s the least I can do. As long as it’s available for purchase, I’ll buy it for you and pay for the first year. I’ll send you an annual invoice for the renewal along with the hosting fees. Obviously, if the domain name costs more than the average of $10-$30, then I’d have to discuss this with you!
You will own the domain. I will register the domain in your name and address and it belongs to you. This means you have ultimate control over it.
It depends which package you choose. SEO is usually an ongoing commitment and will require continuous work. However, I do offer a package that will start you off on the right foot. The Corporate website plan includes basic on-page SEO for 10 pages. This means I’ll perform keyword research and optimize it for search engines.
It can vary dramatically but my monthly SEO plans begin at $200 per month. This is generally a starter plan for a local business with a moderate amount of competition. Some of my other clients pay over $1000 per month for my SEO services. It really depends on how much work will be required and how much competition you have in your industry.
I track your rankings using reliable software. I get updates everyday and I’ll be able to see what’s working and what isn’t. I’ll send you a monthly report so you can see your traffic numbers and rankings. 
No. I only work with business owners who I can TRULY help. I’m not interested in working with a brand just to make money. I need to be confident that we are the right fit for one another. This is why we have a free discovery session at the start of the process.
No. All of my client meetings are done over Skype or via the phone. It’s rare that I NEED to meet people face to face. Technology allows us to do so much in a small space of time so I don’t believe face to face meetings are necessary. I am always happy to meet you in person if you really need us to but I’ll arrange a consultation price for travel and possible accommodation depending on the distance.
Typically not. Social media is not a part of the web design process. However, I’m always looking for ways to make your life easier. If you’d like me to do this for you, we can arrange a package that suits you.
If you already have a website. That’s great. This means I can build your new website whilst your other website is still live. Once we are ready to go live and you are happy with the new site I can then swap the old site for the new one. It can take as little as 10 minutes for the new website to be visible. This means you’ll barely even notice a dip in your traffic numbers.

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