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5 Qualities the Best People in the Social Media Industry Tend to Have

Qualities of the best social media experts
Deborah Olajuwon


After all the excitement about social media, the truth remains that your social media campaigns are only top-notch because of the brains behind them. Going viral on social media is not so common, and instant accomplishment seems like folklore. To be effective in the social media industry is not just an art but a great skill. Certain individuals are more likely to run and inspire online communities, but it will take the infinite majority of others months, sometimes years, to understand how to attain success on social media by trial and error.

There are certain qualities the best people in the social media industry tend to have. They are:

1. Passion for social media

When you hear the top guys in the industry speak, you can hear it in their voices and read it in their tweets. A good social media personality is passionate about their goals and relishes contributing to social media. The best people in the industry express their personalities with aplomb and a little emotion and are open to sharing their opinions online. They are neither impetuous nor provocative in their opinions, they are also not afraid to stand up for what they represent, their missions, and their programs.

2. Friendliness, patience, and accessibility

Friendliness, patience and accessibility

People that are effective in the social media industry over time have shown love for interaction with their audience and response to comments on social media. They enjoy deliberating thoughts and matters online, with so much patience and friendliness. They pay attention to their communities consistently, practically almost every day. They are grateful for the support they get as well as take note of inquiries and trepidations. They have a unique ability to fend off difficult (and sometimes disgusting and impolite) personalities with gentle but powerful comments. Navigating and engaging online audiences and knowing how and when to respond is a real skill.

3. Creativity and detail-oriented

Creativity sets extraordinary social media campaigns apart. Carrying out a campaign differently, using a set of tools used by lots of other brands utilize is the hallmark of an exceptional social media personality. Their brain is continuously working to invent new campaigns, and instead of stepping away from uniqueness and risk-taking, they take it up as a challenge. The best persons In social media combine creativity and the ability to multitask, and this has helped them stay at the top.

4. Early adoption

Early adoption

The most successful persons in the social media industry today were Myspace and YouTube in 2005 and 2006. You have time on your side. Online groups grow exponentially over time. The earlier you start, the more likely you are to be successful. Additionally, online communities also experience the fastest growth during the early adoption phase. They aren’t interesting or buzzing when thousands of other nonprofits are using them. In the age of the social web and even more so of the mobile web, early adoption is a strategy in itself. Those who do it first usually do it better.

5. Mobile


Social media personalities should be relaxed with the idea of updating statuses and making tweets anywhere, at any moment, on-demand. Like it or not, the news cycle is now 24 hours, 7 days a week and as a social media personality for your cause, you should be too. Mobile technology makes this possible. Laptops are becoming increasingly bulky compared to smartphones and tablets, and as the mobile web continues to develop, tools are being developed specifically for smartphones and tablets. The best experts in social media and mobile technology are taking advantage of these new tools, experimenting with them, and are ever-ready to sacrifice some of their leisure hours outside of traditional hours to be available round the clock for their communities.

Other qualities the best people in the social media industry possess

  • Reliability

  • Trend-savvy

  • Time management

  • Sense of organization

  • Analytical thinking

  • Not overly confident about their social media skills

  • Meshes their professional life with personal life excellently

Final Note

Despite all the social benefits it can offer, social media also has a downside. Social media influencers are usually flooded with tons of social media messages throughout the day. This can sometimes be overly excessive for the brain to fathom. A good social media personality hones the ability to draw the line and take a break from their community when necessary.

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