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Your brand should make a difference, by telling its unique brand story using a unique copy or other strategies that help you stand out from your competitors.
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Deborah Olajuwon


Is there a common story everybody tells? Like a line that is so easy for people to pick up and just move with? Yes! And sometimes it’s even a terrible trend that never matches with your brand. As a brand, the product or services you offer might be truly focused on the customers, however, when you adopt the same approach as your competitors or you use the same words they use, then you are not standing out, neither are you making any particular difference. When your customer decides to choose your brand, it is because you’ve made the process of choosing quite easy and most of the time, this is done by standing out and being unique. If there’s nothing unique about you, then you make it difficult for customers to notice you. For instance, imagine every saloon shop in your neighborhood saying “we offer customer tailored services,” how would it help any one of the brands stand out from others? The customer is simply left with the choice of skipping all the available brands until there is a particular brand that can intrigue them. Your brand should make a difference, by telling its unique brand story using a unique copy or other strategies that help you stand out from your competitors.

Here are 5 Clichés your brand should avoid.

1. “Built from the ground up”

built from the ground up
This cliché is used mostly when the strength or the benefit of a firm is being described. You are sure proud that your company is “built from the ground up,” however, not too many customers care about such details. You should instead ensure that the value proposition of whatever product you have or the service you offer and its benefit to the customers are clearly defined. Your customers want to know how what you have built is going to benefit them and how they fit into what you have built. Your brand should speak the language of your customers.

2. “We do XYZ, so you don’t have to”

This is a major cliché among brands. Instead of using this cliché, you can do a little wordplay, rearrange the words, focusing more on the benefits. For example, instead of saying “we build houses so you don’t have to” you could say, we help individuals raise amazing comfortable edifices as homes which are tailored to their budget. This way, your clients can relate to your brand and your message also expresses and addresses the need and concerns of your customers.

3. “One-stop shop”

This slang has been used over time to describe a place where people can find practically everything they need in one place, from TV channels to websites. It has become a major cliché in vogue today. You should instead use more specific terms, tell your audience what exactly it is they can find in your one-stop shop.

4. “For our brand, it’s about engaging the consumer” 

First of all, when you say this, the idea that comes to mind is that you want to have a discussion with your customers which is a totally great idea, but what’s the discussion about? Most times, brands skip the purpose and just chase the cliché because they feel it would get the consumer to feel something or get them to start a conversation, or even buy. But the truth is they see past this and if you do not offer them something substantial to talk about or something valuable to run a conversation then you’re just running on a cliché and you should stop it.

5. “We are great people, our clients loves us”

Is that even convincing? How does anybody believe your brand is great simply because you say so and try to include the fact that some bunch of people who we do not know their names or seen their faces said so? Dish out original and relatable testimonials instead.

Qualities that will make a brand stand out

  • Originality

For a brand to stand out, it must first be original. Trying to emulate a competitor’s brand won’t aid in giving the audience a compelling reason for people to choose them over other brands. If your messages are based on stereotypes and sales pitches, none of your customers will see the need to patronize you. You should rather find a point of view that no one has taken before, and develop an image and voice that is completely yours. Easier said than done, of course, but a necessary step if we want to always stand out from the competition.
  • Sincerity

Next, your brand needs to be sincere. Making responses to all of your customers on social media with the same copy and paste business responses will make you seem like a soulless machine that only cares about making money. You should instead, reveal your humanity. Invest in ensuring your brand has a “personality,” talking to customers as you would a friend. You could make mistakes, but your customers will be able to build much better relationships with you eventually.
  • Consistency

It’s easy to get lost in white noise when your messages are inconsistent. If your branding standards are not defined clearly enough, or if several people are implementing the standards with varying degrees of effectiveness, you might end up losing your audience. The goal is to keep your followers and readers as long as possible; To do this, however, you need to make them familiar and predictable. The best way to protect these characteristics is to establish your branding standards early on and make sure that all team members working on your campaigns are experienced in implementing them.
  • Value addition

Brands can also differentiate themselves by offering greater value than their competitors would. Value can be added in the form of better, more educative, and engaging content or a greater commitment to personalized customer service. Novelty plays a great role here as well.

Final Note

If you are new to building a brand, this article should guide you through developing your brand. If you already have a brand and it seems to be lacking, consider launching a rebranding campaign or at least fine-tuning the implementation of your branding standards to reflect better values. At least, take out time to review your current branding strategy and assess whether or not you are meeting the standards you set originally.
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